Where Can You Drink Legally in Dubai Due to Alcohol Laws?

Is it legal for me to consume alcohol in Dubai?

You may think you can’t drink in Dubai, but this isn’t true. Dubai has very strict rules about how much alcohol you can drink, and if you break them, you could be fined a lot. As a tourist, you can booze in Dubai, but you have to stay in the designated areas and not drink or be drunk in public.

You can only drink alcohol in places with the correct alcohol licenses, like hotels, bars, restaurants, and clubs. Also, it is important to have a license to buy alcohol before you do. Also, people who have a license can buy alcohol from certain stores. People who live in the UAE and visit the United Arab Emirates have to follow the same rules when they drink.

Dubai has a drinking age that is 18 years old.

To consume alcohol in Dubai, you must be at least 21 years old.

Can visitors drink in Dubai?

Yes, tourists can buy alcohol in Dubai, as long as they are not Muslims and over 21 years old. They must also have a license to buy alcohol. The law says that if you want to buy or drink alcohol in Dubai, you need to have a license for alcohol from the government.

The only person who can drink, store, transport, or own alcohol with a license is the person who owns the license. Even if you have alcohol in your home in Dubai, you need a license. As long as you have a license, you can buy alcohol from stores part of Mercantile and Marketing International (MMI).

The maximum amount you can spend on alcohol each month should be 20% of your salary, up to Dh.5000. Shops that are legally allowed to sell alcohol should be the only places where alcohol can be bought. The alcohol should not be shown or carried in public.

Can alcohol be bought at Dubai Airport?

It says that as of August 2019, travelers can bring in 4 liters of alcohol or 2 cartons of beer (with each carton equivalent to 24 cans not more than 355ml) into Dubai without paying duty. There are no exceptions to these limits, no matter where the goods were bought. This includes items bought at Dubai Duty-Free at the airport. Please note that Dubai Duty-Free is the only place in Dubai where you can legally buy alcohol without having an alcohol license. Other than in hotel bars and restaurants, you can’t buy alcohol without one.

Is it legal to consume alcohol at the Dubai airport?

Emirates and Etihad flights and flights to their airport hubs allow adults to drink alcohol. However, it is opposing the law to drink alcohol or be intoxicated in public in Dubai. This can lead to a fine and even prison time.

Is it legal to consume alcohol in your Dubai hotel room?

Most major hotel bars serve alcohol, but it is only for hotel guests most of the time. The law says that you must have your liquor license if you drink alcohol in a hotel, even if you aren’t there. However, if you stay at the hotel as a guest, you can drink alcohol behind closed doors. Keep in mind that you can’t walk around “looking drunk.” You will have to stay in your room or hotel and not do too much.

Dubai has a high price for alcohol.

Most restaurants with alcohol-serving bars that are part of a hotel are pricey places to drink alcohol. When you go to a bar, you’ll pay about AED30 for one pint of beer, AED40 for one glass of wine, and AED50 for a simple drink. If you go to some restaurants, you can get vouchers, happy hours, and many deals and savings. Also, if you bring alcohol duty-free or buy it from a store, you might save money.

Dubai alcoholic beverage penalty

According to the UAE Alcohol Law of 1972, if you drink alcohol without a permit, you could be jailed for 6 months or fined Dh.5000. Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. If you’re caught driving under the effect of alcohol, you could be fined up to Dh.20,000 and get 23 black points on your license and take your car away for 60 days.

Article No. 59.3 of the law says that if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic substance, they could be jailed. There are also penalties that the court can take, such as suspending a person’s driving license for at least three months to two years. The use of alcohol at work is a very serious crime, and if an employee is caught doing this while at work, the employer has the right to fire them without warning.

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