The United Arab Emirates want to send a probe to an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter

Last February, the United Arab Emirates succeeded in placing Al-Amal probe (“ Hope ” in English) orbit around Mars, a first for an Arab country. responsible for overseeing the climate In Martian terms, it clarifies the ambitions of the small Gulf state matter spatial. This Tuesday, October 5th, the country announced that it wanted to send a probe to you asteroid lies in the asteroid belt between March and Jupiter collect data on its composition. Scientists believe these boulders could hold valuable information about the origin of ours solar system.

The project is targeting a 2028 launch for a 2033 landing. The spacecraft must fly over first Venus then to take enough of the earth speed to reach an asteroid some 560 million kilometers away. During its five-year journey, the probe will study seven more asteroids, and once it reaches the last asteroid, it will stay there until its batteries run out. Discussions are still ongoing about the choice of asteroid and the measurement equipment that the probe will carry. ” We can carry out this mission thanks to the experience with Hope “, explains the agency AP Sarah al-Amiri, President of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency and Minister of Technology. The agency will be collaborating with the laboratory of for this project physically Atmosphere and Space from the University of Colorado.

The UAE’s space ambitions are growing. The country also plans to send a mission to the United States moon in 2024 and has set a goal establish a colony on Mars within a century. More and more countries plunge into the adventure of space. The African Union established a space agency based in Egypt in 2017 and is expected to be operational in 2023. Saudi Arabia has announced plans to invest $2.1 billion in its space program by 2030.

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