Yemeni Houthi rebels claim deadly attack in UAE

Three people were killed and six injured in an explosion involving fuel tankers in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on Monday. The attack, condemned by the UN and Paris, was claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Monday night. A fuel truck explosion killed three people in Abu Dhabi on Monday, January … Read more

Yaïr Lapid announces an unprecedented official visit to the United Arab Emirates

Published on : 06/21/2021 – 15:39 Israeli diplomatic chief Yair Lapid will travel to the United Arab Emirates at the end of June for the first official visit by a minister of the Jewish state to the Gulf monarchy, Israel’s foreign ministry said on Monday. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will travel to the United … Read more

Gulf States hit by torrential rains

In Dubai, the economic metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, some residents are amazed at the rain that has fallen in abundance in recent days. “It’s been two years since I’ve seen a drop of rain” smiles Thibaud, a French resident of the emirate. The country has been hit by unusually bad weather. In just … Read more

the strategic ambivalence of the Emirates towards Russia

At a time when the international community has been uniting against Moscow since Russia invaded Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates are playing their own game. The tiny Gulf federation distinguished itself alongside India and China in a UN Security Council vote on Friday, February 25, by abstaining on a draft resolution condemning the Russian invasion. … Read more

The United Arab Emirates inaugurate their first embassy in Israel

Published on : 14.07.2021 – 12:08 As the third Arab country with an Israeli embassy, ​​the United Arab Emirates officially opened its first-ever diplomatic mission on Israeli soil on Wednesday, a symbol of the normalization between the two countries encouraged by the administration of former American President Donald Trump. The normalization of relations between Israel … Read more

Israeli Prime Minister on an unprecedented visit to the United Arab Emirates

Published on : 12/12/2021 – 11:27 amChanged : 12/12/2021 – 23:03 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett paid an official visit to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, made possible by the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf state in 2020. The visit is historic: Naftali Bennett arrived in the United Arab Emirates … Read more

The United Arab Emirates are stepping up commitments to social openness

The UAE continues to throw eyes at westerners. Following the decriminalization of expatriate cohabitation, visa easing and alcohol restrictions, the first civil union of a non-Muslim couple was celebrated in Abu Dhabi on Monday 27 December. A “Role model in the region”according to the UAE news agency WAM, made possible by the law on the … Read more

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates sign several cooperation agreements

Published on : 02/15/2022 – 08:48 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan traveled to the United Arab Emirates on Monday for his first official visit to the wealthy Gulf monarchy in more than a decade. A journey that sanctifies the rapprochement between the two former rivals. The two countries have announced the signing of several agreements. … Read more

New Yemen Houthis attack on United Arab Emirates

Published on : 01/31/2022 – 05:35 For the third time since the beginning of the month, the United Arab Emirates on Monday said it had intercepted a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis in Yemen. This new attack, which claimed no casualties, coincides with Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Abu Dhabi. The United Arab … Read more

“Bashar al-Assad wants to show that he is popular again”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah, was received with honors in the United Arab Emirates, which recently normalized ties with Israel, for his first visit to an Arab country since 2011. An event that could not last without Iranian approval, experts believe, and which brings Syria a step closer to … Read more