Shadow group claims drone attack on Emirates

A little-known group claimed responsibility for the drone strike that targeted the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday (February 2), sparking fresh concerns over escalating tensions following several strikes by Yemeni rebels against the prosperous Gulf country in recent weeks.

The Alwiyat al-Waad al-Haq (or “Just Promise Brigadesin Arabic), which is said to have ties to pro-Iranian armed groups in Iraq, claimed to have fired four drones at dawn on Wednesday February 2 against the Emirates. “The people of the Arabian Peninsula launched an attack on the Evil Emirates at dawn (Wednesday)‘ the company said in an online press release. Did the Emirati authorities state that they “intercepted and destroyed”?three enemy dronesinvaded their airspace without attributing this latest attack to the Houthis.

“Lthe coming strikes“would be more”painful»

The Houthi rebels – who are at war with the Yemeni government, backed by a military coalition that includes the Emirates and led by Saudi Arabia – claimed no responsibility for, unlike the three previous attacks in January against the Emirates the attack on Wednesday February 2nd. “Alwiyat al-Waad al-Haq will continue to conduct strikes until the Emirates stop interfering in the affairs of countries in the region, mainly Yemen and Iraq”, the group claimed in its press release and warned against it”the coming strikes“would be more”painful“.”Thanks to free Iraq and its mujahideenA senior Houthi official, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, tweeted after the attack before the tweet was deleted.

“A Dangerous Escalation”

Emirati authorities have not commented on Alwiyat al-Waad al-Haq’s claim regarding the attack. The group “unknownAccording to a source in the Hezbollah Brigades – a pro-Iran Iraqi armed faction – they claimed responsibility for an attack on Saudi Arabia in January 2021. The Houthis also denied responsibility at the time.

In response to this allegation, influential Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr, a political enemy of pro-Iran factions, issued a statement condemning:ban terrorists trying to push Iraq into a dangerous regional war by attacking a Gulf country.»

On Thursday, February 3, state media in the Emirates reported a phone conversation between the Emirati and Iranian foreign ministers over issues of “common interests“. Emirati Minister Abdullah bin Zayed condemned the “Terrorist attacks by the Houthi militia on the United Arab Emirates“, according to the official news agency WAM. “He reiterated the need to halt the dangerous escalation in the region and to stick to a political solution in Yemen», WAM adds.

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