More and more Brits are moving to the United Arab Emirates

In recent years, the number of British expatriates in the United Arab Emirates has tended to shrink slowly. When the pandemic hit, this trend accelerated and many chose to return. But after a year and a half with the virus, wealthy Brits are looking back to the Emirates, led by Dubai, the Emirati Daily reports. The National :

The United Arab Emirates stated that these last few months an influx of British expats attracted by job prospects, new visa options, untaxed wages and year-round sunshine.”

Brian Myers, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, is one of them. He decided this summer to leave Essex, east of London, to move to Dubai with his wife and three children. He says he was drawn to the quality of life he believes the Emirates offer and wants to escape the endless cycle of restrictions in his country of origin: “When you’re a father of small children and you look around, it seems to me that there are few places better than Dubai.”

New laws to welcome expats

According to one of the company executives interviewed the national, The new flexibility in obtaining visas to enter and reside in the United Arab Emirates has also played an important role in British return. Remote workers can now remain in the country even if their company is not based there. And wealthy foreign residents are encouraged to stay after their employment contract expires, which was not the case before.

In the first quarter of 2021, the number of new UK companies settling in the Emirates would have increased by 60% compared to the same period in 2020. There are believed to be more than 120,000 Anglo-Saxon expats living in this country today. of 10 million inhabitants.

While this number is significant, it needs to be put into perspective: they are far from the most numerous, as the UAE is 90% made up of immigrants, mostly precarious workers from Asia.

Schools popular with expats are saturated

The return of the British to the country does not only have good sides. Some complain about the difficulty of finding a place for their children in the most popular schools, which are popular with expatriates and therefore fill up quickly. Others have seen house prices rise since the beginning of the year, exceeding 20% ​​in some areas of Dubai.

This trend is likely to continue, given the amount of advice Britons planning to settle in the United Arab Emirates are soliciting on social media.

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