If Abu Dhabi cooperates with Beijing

China carries out terrible repression against its Uyghur minority. He is accused of having held almost a million people in camps. But she pursues them even outside the country. Since 2001, almost 300 Uyghurs have been arrested in the Arab world and extradited to China. The Uyghurs are not only Muslims, but also Turkish-speaking people who are being dismissed from all over the world, including Turkey and especially certain Gulf countries that go further. For several years, most of the Uyghurs who fled have been identified by the United Arab Emirates, which even made their premises, particularly in Dubai, available to the Chinese authorities to facilitate their task. It’s a Sky News poll that reveals the pot of roses, based on seven testimonies our countries love Business with the United Arab Emirates always trying to ignore.

For years, the Chinese regime has cracked down on them, accusing them of terrorism, now undoubtedly at the international level. Beijing is therefore carrying out severe repression beyond its own borders, pushing for the separation of families and institutionalizing forced labour. In this UK media survey, the Emirates feature more regularly than any other country in the testimonies. Arrests often take place in “black sites”, particularly lawless areas in Dubai, where Chinese officials often conduct harsh interrogations against Uyghurs previously identified by Emirati authorities.

The methods are terrible: One of the witnesses, a refugee in the Netherlands who left China in 2009 after leaving the Chinese Communist Party, recounts how one day he received a message from an old friend in Xinjiang inviting him to to visit him in Dubai to talk to him about something very important. It was 2019. He goes there openly and then discovers a whole web of denunciations around him. He and his family in China are gradually being pressured to get information from him about other Uyghur nationals who have sought refuge abroad. Others explain how they are tracked down, even traveling to flee their country of exile and in transit through Dubai, where they are apprehended to end up in an Emirati detention center. “Wu” will spot many other Uyghurs arrested like him on the spot. He, like so many others, will be questioned by Chinese security officials on Emirati soil! Starting with the Chinese Consul General.

In addition to the good trade relations between the two countries, China and the Emirates have maintained military and security cooperation for years. 6,000 Chinese companies are represented in the association. The quality of Emirati intelligence and cyber surveillance is second to none, thanks in particular to a long-standing cooperation with Israel on security matters. And Abu Dhabi learned quickly. Add to that an extradition treaty between Beijing and Abu Dhabi that suddenly allows this hunt for the Uyghurs, which weigh little compared to the big issues of these bilateral relations. There is an urgent need to raise this issue not only on behalf of international law, the United Nations, but also on behalf of our own relations between the Member States of the European Union and the United Arab Emirates. The Uyghur issue is also gaining prominence in the debates of the European Parliament, calling into question our enduring relationship and even our dangerous dependence on China.

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