Following controversy, the Six Major will not be held in the United Arab Emirates this summer

It’s this Sunday as the finals of the Six Invitational approachedintroduced by Ubisoft its competitive schedule for the 2022 season on Rainbow Six: Siege. We have therefore found the dates and locations of the next competitive events for 2022, including a Six Major that should have been held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

As with other events like world football in 2024the online community sis quickly outraged by this announcement. You don’t want to experience an event of this magnitude take place in this region. The main reason for these insulting concerns UAE policy towards LGBT+ people, considered contrary to human and moral rights. A protest movement was born worn by many influencers and professional gamers.

That’s how it was last night Teams from Ubisoft’s sports department talked about it. They considered their decision and decided August Major to move elsewhere. So it should take place in Europesecond choice of the organizers, but could also take place in Latin Americaa region that has not yet hosted an international competition since November 2018 with the Pro League Season 8 Finals, which took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Last Sunday we announced our plans a Six Major in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last six years we have seen the emergence of a competitive scene in the MENA region, a community of local players and fans that we wanted to highlight and celebrate.

We would like to emphasize that the safety and well-being of all participants in our events always applies our top priority and we pride ourselves on making Rainbow Six: Siege a diverse and inclusive game. This choice of destination for the Six Major resulted from discussions with our teams in the MENA region, the Emirates Government and our eSports partners. Everyone agreed that a Six Major in Abu Dhabi would be an event where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture or any other personality has been the case with several other events held there in the past.

We’ve also heard from members of the Siege community about this choice and have made the decision to move the August Six Major to a different region.

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