UAE will switch to Saturday-Sunday weekend

The United Arab Emirates has decided to move its weekend from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday and introduce a four-and-a-half-day work week, particularly for the sake of competitiveness, WAM news agency reported on Tuesday. The decision of the Federation, one of the wealthiest and most influential countries in the Gulf, was made out of economic considerations. “From … Read more

The United Arab Emirates are stepping up commitments to social openness

The UAE continues to throw eyes at westerners. Following the decriminalization of expatriate cohabitation, visa easing and alcohol restrictions, the first civil union of a non-Muslim couple was celebrated in Abu Dhabi on Monday 27 December. A “Role model in the region”according to the UAE news agency WAM, made possible by the law on the … Read more

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates want to regulate cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

Cryptocurrency regulation coming soon in the United Arab Emirates? Relations between the United Arab Emirates, more specifically Dubai, and cryptocurrencies have long been ambiguous. In fact it was difficult whether the Persian Gulf land was for or against their use. However, some evidence suggested that the authorities’ opinion on the matter was rather positive. Today, … Read more

Abiy Ahmed visited the United Arab Emirates, protecting power in the Horn of Africa

Published on : 02/02/2022 – 00:53 Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy was on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates from Saturday 29 January to Monday 31 January. The United Arab Emirates is the continent’s fifth largest trading partner after the European Union, China, the United States and India. The country has clearly become … Read more

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates sign several cooperation agreements

Published on : 02/15/2022 – 08:48 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan traveled to the United Arab Emirates on Monday for his first official visit to the wealthy Gulf monarchy in more than a decade. A journey that sanctifies the rapprochement between the two former rivals. The two countries have announced the signing of several agreements. … Read more

“The Emirates: a lever for Paris in the Sahel?” – the platform by Jérôme Pigné

This emerges from the terrorism index, which is published by theInstitute for Economy and Peace as of March 2022, sub-Saharan Africa was home to 48% of the world’s terrorism victims in 2021, and the Sahel is home to the fastest growing terrorist groups, most notably Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wa al-Muslimeen (JNIM). Therefore, at the time … Read more

Tour of the United Arab Emirates: the latest win for Pogacar, a top 10 for Bardet

The battle between the contenders for ultimate victory was expected this Saturday on the slopes of Jebel Hafeet (10.9km, 6.8% average), the end of the 7th and final stage of the 2022 Tour of the United Arab Emirates . And it happened. Briton Adam Yates (Ineos Grenadiers), fourth overall this Saturday morning, tried everything to … Read more

Yemeni rebels launch drone strike that kills three in Abu Dhabi, Saudi-backed coalition strikes back

On Monday, January 17th, a gigantic fire broke out in Abu Dhabi“bust” of three tankers with fuel. The official record is three dead and six injured “mild to moderate”. L’explosion and fire “most likely” caused by “drones”out of “flying objects” being “fell down” in the affected areas, sThis was announced by the police in the … Read more