between the World Exhibition and the Rafale Order

So why a world exhibition? It is currently taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We talk about it with Willy Rovelli and the tribe of the day: Fred Ballard, Murielle Giordan and Fabien Emo!

So why the world exhibition?

This is the first time a world expo has been held in the Middle East. after an edition in Milan in 2015. Every 5 years this exhibition aims to bring together “all people who talk about innovation in the world around a specific topic“, explains Erik Linquier, General Commissioner of the France Pavilion in Dubai. This year the topic revolves around the smart and sustainable city. Seen as an accelerator of reflection on innovation, “It’s important to be able to show all your assets there.”.

Visibility and attractiveness are therefore important for all countries present. France presents a pavilion with a permanent exhibition and organizes a whole series of events over 6 months to showcase innovations in the field of mobility, French style. According to our guest, the first feedback is pretty good: “Mobility is a topic that appeals to all of us”. 700,000 visitors have already come to the French pavilion. Erik Linquier talks about the innovations featured in our podcast.

The 80 Rafale raise questions

The other recent event affecting Dubai and UAE is the recent order from France for 80 Rafale. A job with multiple goals: “very good relationship that a military base has in Abu Dhabi and establishing a vision that they have of the Middle East today. You have to be afraid of being respected and therefore you have a certain material” says Sebastien Boussois, PhD Po, researcher in the Middle East. These 80 Rafales are added to the long relationship with France according to our guest:Together, France and the Emirates have created the largest arms fair in the world, which sets standards today.”

But this sale despite everything remains an arms sale, raises questions : “Jean-Yves Le Drian is the largest arms dealer in the last 30 years“according to our guest before adding:”We are happy to pass on our Rafale, it’s nice. But everything that can happen behind it, unfortunately, is not very cheerful or glorious. to remember, that “The Emirates and Saudi Arabia have been maneuvering in a 5-year war against Yemen that has claimed 400,000 lives“. The order would amount to 16 billion euros.

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