Italy is surprised at the Emiratis’ “slap in the face”.

Nothing is going well between Rome and Abu Dhabi. This week, a diplomatic incident highlighted the deterioration in relations between the two capitals, long rivals on the Libyan file (Italy positioned itself behind Tripoli, the United Arab Emirates with General Haftar). This Tuesday, Rome organized a ceremony in Herat, Afghanistan, to celebrate the end of … Read more

The Emirates’ diplomatic chief is visiting Damascus for the first time since 2011

The UAE chief of diplomacy on Tuesday met Bashar al-Assad in the first visit by a senior official from that country to Damascus since the war began in 2011. A trip that has drawn heavy criticism from the United States is part of a recent regional effort to end the isolation of the Syrian President … Read more

A year later, the mainly economic impact of normalization between Israel and the Emirates

On September 15, 2020, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain become the first Gulf states to publicly normalize their relations with Israel. Led by Donald Trump’s United States, Morocco and Sudan are doing the same. Until last year, Egypt and Jordan remained the only two Arab countries to recognize the Jewish state thanks to agreements … Read more

Case of Armored Vehicles Acquired by Mali from United Arab Emirates: The True Story of the 100 Typhoons! Support from the United Arab Emirates in Mali

The information that is being distilled on social networks about this case is not fully substantiated and would only aim to reach the minds of people above suspicion in this case. Slander, slander, something will always remain. Would the Malian have become a wolf for the Malian? Given the malevolence that seems to be written … Read more

If Abu Dhabi cooperates with Beijing

China carries out terrible repression against its Uyghur minority. He is accused of having held almost a million people in camps. But she pursues them even outside the country. Since 2001, almost 300 Uyghurs have been arrested in the Arab world and extradited to China. The Uyghurs are not only Muslims, but also Turkish-speaking people … Read more

Around the Emirates – Serious diplomatic crisis between four Gulf States and Lebanon

ReleasedOctober 30, 2021 at 6:50 p.m Like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates are showing their solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. George Kordahi, the Lebanese information minister, had criticized Saudi Arabia’s intervention in the war in Yemen. AFP The United Arab Emirates on Saturday recalled its diplomats to Beirut, the … Read more