Paris and Washington to save the United Arab Emirates

It was a matter of time before the two main strategic partners, France and the United States, pledged to come to the rescue of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the standoff between them on their soil to start the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. On Friday February 4th, France “decided to provide military support” at … Read more

Houthi rebels fire missiles at Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Published on : 01/24/2022 – 11:10 am Ballistic missiles fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen on Monday targeted the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where two people were injured before being intercepted. This attack marks a new milestone in the conflict. Houthi rebels in Yemen on Monday (January 24) fired ballistic missiles in quick … Read more

a model for France?

Methods for rationalizing – and forecasting – economic decisions have been used in the Emirates for more than a decade. While Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan has been favored by the media since 2016, the Emirates had launched a “2020 plan” much earlier, the results of which could be seen in the areas of finance, … Read more

Belgium and the Emirates sign a police cooperation protocol, particularly important in the fight against drugs

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden signed a declaration of intent on police cooperation with the United Arab Emirates in Dubai on Saturday in order to better combat organized crime. The country on the Arabian Peninsula is the most important foreign destination for suspicious financial flows. According to the Financial Information Processing Unit (CTIF) Annual Report 2020, … Read more

The UAE launches the Global FoodTech Challenge with a $2M reward to win cutting-edge Agritech solutions

DUBAIUAE, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The second edition of the international FoodTech Challenge, which aims to bring to light the next wave of technological innovation at the start of the efficient and sustainable transformation of traditional agricultural practices, was held at the EXPO2020 Dubai and today unveils the combined $2 million prize for the … Read more

Emirates invest to weigh new unmanned war

Drones, robots, remote-controlled machine guns: the United Arab Emirates, targets of drone attacks by Yemeni rebels, are investing heavily in remote-controlled defense systems to counter these “smart” weapons. Large black drones with the orange logo of the Emirati weapons consortium EDGE were on display alongside other “smart” weapons at the Unmanned Defense Systems Exhibition (UMEX) … Read more