Alpha Condé travels to the United Arab Emirates for treatment

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Former Guinean President Alpha Condé was overthrown by the military on September 5th and left Conakry on Monday January 17th afternoon. Transitional President Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya approved him to go abroad for medical treatment. for humanitarian reasons “.

According to consistent sources, Alpha Condé departed Conakry at 2 p.m. local time on a private flight. Direction Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for medical treatment.

He is surrounded by several people, including at least one member of the National Assembly and Development Committee (CNRD) and his personal physician, one of the few confidants who has since been able to consult him regularly September 5 coup. The 83-year-old state elder is used to regular health checks. Until then, he was doing his medical follow-up in Turkey. Some sources say so Sick “His stay may also be extended, according to Emirati doctors.

After the coup, the former president was initially held incommunicado before being placed under house arrest in a Conakry suburb. His release was approved on one condition: that he return to Conakry within a month.

We have the ECOWAS guarantee ‘ assures a good source, drawing a parallel to the case of the former Malian president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keitawho was also able to be treated in the United Arab Emirates last year thanks to negotiations by the West African organization.

Since the talks began, Abu Dhabi has been one of the preferred destinations, both for Alpha Condé, which has been able to maintain good relations with the authorities of that country, and for the CNRD, which hopes to maintain the economic agreements concluded in recent years, particularly in the areas of air transport and mining. ” Abu Dhabi is a safe bet as the Emirates also have an interest in maintaining good relations with Conakry », notes a diplomatic source.

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In Conakry, several civil society organizations would fervently want him to stand trial. Last week, the Attorney General of the Conakry Court of Appeals directed his departments to open investigations into violent crimes committed between 2010 and 2020.

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