Abiy Ahmed visited the United Arab Emirates, protecting power in the Horn of Africa

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy was on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates from Saturday 29 January to Monday 31 January. The United Arab Emirates is the continent’s fifth largest trading partner after the European Union, China, the United States and India. The country has clearly become a key diplomatic power in the affairs of the Horn of Africa.

DuringAbiy Ahmed was only in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, then Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble was in Abu Dhabi, following that israeli president sundayA few days of the controversial review of Hebrew status as a state observer within the African Union.

Arm in arm, Abiy Ahmed and Prince Mohamed bin Zayed shared their dazzling smiles on the red carpet at Abu Dhabi Airport on Saturday. The services of the Ethiopian Prime Minister have also made a public statement after a particularly difficult and lonely year for the head of government in Addis Ababa. There was no spectacular announcement at the end of the visit, but this welcome above all shows how much the Emirates have become a protecting power on the continent.

Secure strategic influence

It must be said that the strategic issues of vital importance. Preparing for the post-oil era, the small desert Association ensures first food security across Africa, according to many analysts, hundreds of thousands of hectares of agricultural land in Sudan and Mozambique, as well as drinking water to buy security, especially for residents of the Nile.

The Emirates are also distributing large amounts of money to support developing countries: $3 billion in Addis Ababa, $1.5 billion in Sudan, $2 billion in Angola.

The country also secures strategic influence by supplying weapons, especially drones, to its warring allies like Ethiopia deep water ports, as in Djibouti or Berbera, Somalia. In return, the Emirates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Guinea receive gold and “rare earths”, especially lithium, for their space ambitions.

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